Monday, June 18, 2007

The sun is shining.. the birds are singing..

It was very pleasant on the weekend, when it wasn't raining or windy.. which was actually a lot.. but mostly it was quite hot outside. Believe me I know, I was there. In fact I spent so much time outside and away from my computer that I got sunburnt!

I spent the last weekend on an actor's retreat. This is where our class goes to visit the house of some of the students, trash the place, have orgies and take lots of drugs. Ok that wasn't the point. It was to spend time doing acting related things, Meisner classes, improvisations and filming some stuff, and generally getting to know each other better.

And we actually did that. The acting related stuff I mean, not the orgies. We did our usual classes, some more advanced stuff than what we usually do, and we filmed some short not-really-stories we came up with. And then made ourselves watch the films. That bit I didn't like so much.

But overall it was fun. I was very tired most of the time so I'm not sure if I got anything worthwhile out of it, but it was something a bit different, and the first time I've been even a little bit out of Prague for a long time. And coming back to the computer is all the more special after having been away for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! At least that's something.


~*~Snappz~*~ said...

Love the blog.
Pretty damn cool :o)

Don said...

I'm so glad you managed to get away from that dull, uninteresting, stifling, oppressive mix of medieval and modern. I'm talking of Prague.

You really went away? Did you walk around with wide eyes and mouth hanging open like a country bumpkin's first visit to New York?

Spookily, I've just done a not dissimilar post. At least in terms of how I finish it, anyway.