Sunday, November 02, 2014


This is what I need to be doing. Not literally, although, I do need to be doing that as well.. either here or elsewhere for reasons, but I mean in a.. well a different sense. Cleaning up stuff or at least getting it sorted out in an orderly manner, bolded headings, put into folders, folders away in drawers that are clearly and relevantly marked. Actually finding stuff first.

Before that I need to even figure out what I need to find and what's do be done with it when that's done.. this part I've begun, well I've made an appointment to do that, sort of.

Yes, everything is a mess. I've made a proper fuckup of stuff and it's time to dig myself out of this mess.. it's a lot to do, and as I've (sort of, in a vague way) said, I'm not even at the point of starting the preliminary stages yet, but it makes me feel better that I've (in a way) done (kind of) something to get it going. So far I've met with someone. I need to meet with someone because I haven't a fucking clue what I'm doing or what needs to be done or how much mess I'm even in.. it mightn't be pleasant to get all that information but it is kind of necessary. Way overdue, but this is the time to get on it.

Then I can move on and get my life (back?) on track and move (hopefully) forward and put myself in a position where I can start thinking about beginning to do stuff that I really want to do and be and all that. Of course, I can't really wait to do that because some of it (the bits where I get myself somewhere on track not the fun or cool or meaningful bits) needs to be done right away, or at least much sooner than I have any chance of fixing the other stuff. Guess that means I'm going to be busy.

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