Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh.. another one?

It's my birthday, again. No big deal really, everyone has them and they have them every year. I usually make a big bruha or bruhaha or whatever you call it about it but this year I'm relatively ignoring it, ie making a deal that's only slightly bigger than the average deal about a birthday.. or do people generally make a bigger deal about birthdays than the people I know who aren't me are? I don't know.

So it's my birthday and over the last year I've.. um. Still being me, still mostly.. let's just say all those things I wanted to do? Didn't do them. So I've been in more films than I have in any one year, I think. I've done some other stuff, a voice recording, er... I think some other stuff. I had a job for 3 days, which I didn't get paid for, have made a friend, or friends, it seems as part of a group of people making films, which seems like we might last for long enough to get one film done. Those are things.. those are good things.

I've hardly been anywhere one day out of Prague, in Brno, but otherwise barely left the city limits. Well I think apart from that I didn't leave Prague at all.. well at least I went somewhere once. I do have a trip out of the country, even if just for one night, to somewhere I've never been coming up but it's past the cutoff for this "year" that is the year by this birthday so it doesn't count.

Anyway, like I said, no big deal, whatever.. stop bangin on about it.

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