Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What was I saying?

So it went pretty well, despite my whining, it turned out to be, just a good thing, a pretty to very good thing. I could use more of that but good things are good things. Of course, when I got home today, after a good thing, feeling pretty good about myself, even joking about how little I have to whine about, really.. I get the balance.. yeah, something showed up we.. not showed up just a reminder and the specific details of something which is not on the good side of things.

Well, I guess that's life in general. I'm no different than anyone else. Again, there are a few other things that came up, things on the horizon, 2 to be specific but at the rate that the horizon promises things there could be more soon. Of course, the ratio of things to images on the horizon is pretty small. Still, anything could happen, and I'm hoping for it to be good. just good would be nice, for once, but I think I already went over that.

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