Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ok.. enough now. It's June!



Well it isn't exactly raining right now, nor has it today at least not very much, or all that much any one day but.. it's certainly overcast enough and not sunny and hot enough!

Now.. I'm not downplaying the importance of May in the whole year thing, I know, it's sposed to be spring, it's sposed to be nice, it's sposed to be.. warm. However, I will forgive it, as it's spring and not summer, and particularly when it's over I can look back and say "ok, that was fun now it's time for a change".

But it's June. And it's summer. And it's STILL FUCKING RAINING!

I mean it's not actually raining but it looks like it probably will some and it's not exactly warm and sunny and summery enough! And on all the weather sites.. rain as far as the eye can see.

Not pleased.


Ronald said...

Ahhh... business as usual. A jolly good gripe!

Michelle said...


Went out last night and the square is practically flooded in the middle...

where's this summer thing I ask???