Saturday, June 05, 2010

Workin on da weekend..

Hey, I work as hard on the weekend as I do the rest of the week!

That's actually true :)

So the word o' the day today.. which I thought I'd present because.. um.. why not.. is;

penumbra: An area in which something exists to an uncertain degree.

Isn't that just like.. clear and stuff :Z

I dunno I just felt like blogging this. Carry on.


Ronald said...

I think, though I'm not sure [trying to show off here] a 'penumbra' may apply to that kind of vague, transparent halo effect around bright lights. If you look closely at the moon, often it's not sharply delineated against the dark sky, it has a kind of ghostly glow around it. You'll tell me I'm wrong now wont you? Can't be arsed to google to see if I'm right - how brave is that, being prepared to show myself as wrong, to the whole cyberworld?

Word verification: qingisms [less said the better]

Michelle said...

*is all impressed and stuff*

qingisms! quingisms?

That sounds rude :Z

Ronald said...

I'm so glad you found "qingisms" rude-sounding too, I thought it was just me!

Michelle said...

no.. there are at least 2 of us :)

Anonymous said...