Friday, May 30, 2008

The plot thickens!

My oh my those cats could have their own soap opera, particularly the dashing Zorro, who we learnt in a previous episode is actually a girl.

Well, yesterday I went by and saw little baby Schwarzie again. He didn't want to come out this time but we watched him play and be motherly smothered by Zorro. I even got a cute little video of them bonding.

There was another woman there at the same time, who was relating to any random person in the vicinity that it was odd that there was a little one there, as all the cats there have been "done". Apparently she's an authority on this sort of gossip because she knows someone who works there or who would otherwise know the status of these cats..

So, either she's not mad, making it up, or somehow mistaken, or Sdhwarzie isn't really Zorro's! No biologically anyway.

Hmm.. well. It does seem that there is only one kitten there. And we didn't see it before last Saturday, and the mother was, just a few days before that dashing about like she didn't have a care in the world, certainly not like someone who was either pregnant or had just given birth.

But on the other hand.. Zorro does seem to have taken to little Schwarzie quite strongly, she follows him around constantly, is always watching him, cleans him and it even seems like she fed him once or twice.. or were we mistaken?

It certainly is a mystery.

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Esther said...

Weird. Can you have a look at her tits? If there is one or two nipples really swollen it might be hers.

Tica adopted Bacchus the week he came to my house. She even nursed him, even though she didn't have any milk for him of course. Maybe she just liked the suckling feeling....