Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things you learn when your man who you met online leaves his job, uproots himself and moves to Prague to be with you..

Cats are like alarm clocks with no off button, just snooze. And they can't set the time yourself it's done automatically, and they don't just stay where you put them, they run across the headboard and meow in your face while you're trying to sleep. But they're very cute all the same. Oh I forgot to mention he brought his cat.


Barry Leiba said...

That's why my cat isn't allowed in the bedroom.

My cat has what I call "epiphanies". He's lying somewhere, snoozing. Suddenly — suddenly — he perks up, snaps to attention, runs over to some other place as though he has an appointment... and then plops down there and goes back to snoozing.

Go figure. That's why they're called "cats".

Michelle said...

Well ours (sounds strange to say that) is in the middle of a bit of a spell, and she likes to meow at us in the early morning, and Erik (her daddy) after a few times banishes her in the kitchen to spend the night, but I think in future it's going to become her special quarters where she goes before we go to sleep, a sort of pre-emptive banishment.

She is adorable, but does have this one slightly annoying habit :)

Esther said...

My cats used to stay in my bedroom.....but they tend to sleep less than I do and started to wake me. So annoying. So I have banned them from the bedroom.

And so cool that Erik moved to Prague. Will have to visit you some weekend, when my car is fixed.