Monday, May 26, 2008

Shock! Horror!

What an amazing weekend I had, full of amazement and revelations! Oh I can barely contain my excitement...

Well, remember Cooley, my newly adopted kitty who was featured in the last post? She has been in a bit of a mood lately.. let's just say she has needs. This means that despite being utterly adorable she can be a bit much sometimes.. and we've been thinking of hooking her up with a nice man. We had our eye on a guy who hangs out at the Vinohrady Waterworks, which is kind of like the Colosseum except that it's where we get our water from in this local area. Anyway cats live there, including one particular handsome chap called Zorro. We've been considering inviting him over to hang out with Cooley a bit, trying to come up with the right proposition, that sort of thing. Until this Saturday.

There were no cats around at first so we waited.. then we heard what sounded like a meow. A very faint, high sound, but definitely a cat. Then Zorro jumped out all of a sudden.. so we thought it was him.. a bit later we heard the noise again.. this time knowing it didn't come from him. That was the sound of a kitten.

Kittens!!! So we hung around until we caught site of a little black tail amongst the bushes. We watched and tried to coax it out as Zorro watched carefully.. hmmm..

The kittens managed to jump up onto the fence and played with us a bit, which was cute. Zorro watched on.. hmmmm... Ok, by this time it was pretty clear that Zorro was being what one could accurately describe as "motherly" here, but when we saw kittens drinking milk from his.. er her nipples.. well.

Anyway.. bit of a blow for Cooley. I mean, I don't think he'd be quite right for her now.. well... who knows, she might be if Cooley is into that sort of thing, but Zorro being a new mother has her paws kind of full right now and probably doesn't have time for too much fooling around, so we're just going to have to figure out who the man is amongst that group, and perhaps convince him to come over.

And the kittens are so adorable, I can forgive Zorro for not being the man I thought she was.

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