Friday, September 26, 2014

And for another year...

summer, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, in those places that have such things as winter and summer, in the more temperate places which don't stay really warm really late, is pretty much over. It's officially autumn post equinox if you pay attention to that sort of thing and after getting warm again here it's gotten colder again and rained some and been grey and though it's supposed to warm up again.. I think we can say it's just not summer anymore. At all. The sun's going down really early already.

Nevermind. It's not like I was going swimming and waterskiing and doing summer fun stuff anyway, and I do like the golden beauty of the leaves this time of year, oh, and Vinobrani... love the vinobrani.. but most important of all..

War on Christmas* is coming!

Can't wait. *gets devilish look in eye*

*not that it really happens here well that it at all happens here but I don't really get out anyway and pretty much spend my life on the internet so it's a thing.

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