Sunday, September 14, 2014

I finally did something right!

Apparently, of late my posts have been very informative, I have good knowledge and my posts are very able..

Strange, they never were before, and now all of a sudden people, and not just any people, really clever people, who run marketing and debt management and other financial and even game sites think this! You can tell because of the links they leave. Can you believe it? I finally got noticed.

In a totally unrelated move, I'm bringing back comment moderation, at least for a while. I dunno, just felt it might be good to have that.

*does some cleaning*


lekkerman said...

I can't compete with those guys. I have no expertise in anything, though I once learned to juggle 3 balls. Thought I've since tried it and I can't do it. Just goes to show, it's not like riding a bike - you don't use it, ya lose it!

Michelle said...

I think I understand. I tried to do stuff once, or was it twice? Well anyway I don't really remember it that well and don't actually know if I was any good at it. I reckon I've forgotten how by now anyway.