Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Don't bother reading.

No, seriously, don't. I'm just gonna whine again about whatever it is I'm writing about which I'll leave vague so you don't know quite what it is I'm talking about.

Where was I? Oh yeah, whining. Well, I'm fed up. I'm fed up with nothing. All this nothing, just nothing. I do stuff (ok not so much stuff, not by any normal person's let alone really ambitious hard working person's standards but it's stuff) I work (see previous brackets) I stress (actually quite a lot) in preparation for things and out of all these things I get a reply from..


I think that made sense. I don't really care if it didn't. Ok so if it doesn't I'm saying that nothing is going on, all these things that I thought would lead top something, at least one of them, or maybe 2 of the smaller less exciting ones, there is again nothing.

I mean, nothing is ok, nothing is what I'm used to. I'm comfortable with nothing. Not necessarily satisfied but I get by, it's just when one's hopes are raised, and one thinks that nothing will be enhanced by just a little something, and that there is actually quite a reasonably high hope of it.. and it all goes back to nothing again.

I'll be ok, I'll get used to it again pretty quick, it's just that.. right now, it doesn't please me. I'll have to go and distract myself somehow.


Anonymous said...

I respected your wishes and didn't bother to read, but...

I do nothing too. Which is a bit of a surprise, even for me, as when I retired a few months ago, I was convinced I'd use the sudden increase in free time usefully. Ha!

It seems the more time you get, the more you fill it with doing nothing.


Michelle said...

Yes, I long ago discovered that it is all too easy to do. Now excuse me, I must go and do a whole lot of nothing.