Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Feeling Refreshed.

Ok so not really. I have had some time for the cobwebs to clear out and here I am again. We are now in Feb and as I predicted things are much the same as they were. Well they're slightly different but same in all the same old ways. I am better. Just about now got rid of that cough, not that I'm not coughing at all but it's not keeping me up at night, so I think it's fair to say I'm not sick anymore. Oh and all those things I started? You know those things? There were things, right? Well I stopped doing them. I think. I'm not actually all that certain I started them, whatever they were. I got a guitar. I think I mentioned that and I have been practicing. Just the same few chords over and over for now, trying to make them sound like a chord and not like some flat strumming of a guitar, but it's happening, developing callouses, next I'll get another string for the thing and I'l,l be onto tunes, I hope. I went skating the other day, that is on the ice. First time in forever, at least the first time that I actually got to stay on the ice for a while and get used to it again and skate properly and pretty fast too, it was quite fun. Must do it again before I forget how again.

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