Saturday, February 01, 2014

Let's start again.

All these milestones I create for myself. I turn a new decade and it gives me a chance to change things, make things better, make a new start.. none of those things happen but soon after there's a new year, resolution time! So I make them, and don't do them, so then, the end of the first month of the year that we've decided for really no real reason is suck, and that's over and now it's time to.. for things to... well better. It's February now, so no more whining about Jan and making excuses for stuff, at least that excuse I'm sure there will be others. We're almost a day into the month, and so far it's been much like the lats one, strangely. Oh and it's the year of the horse now too, so, there you go. Time to stride forward and stuff. My whole "every day for a month" thing is done too, so from now on I'll be only posting when I have something to write, which will hopefully be sometimes. now off to learn some chords.. maybe

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