Saturday, May 11, 2013

Storm away... please

It's been grey, drizzly and gloomy here for.. well, about a week after the spring finally came.. here in this part of the world were I live. Not so much rain, but always the promise. Always the hint of t-storms (as the hip new generation of internet meteorologists like to call them) in the air. But the t-storms don't come. Day after day, they (said hip new meteorologists) say there will be t-storms, but they don't come.. And it's another day of grey, just waiting for the inevitable t-storms to come. If they just came, it would storm and then it would be over. The sun would then peek out behind the clouds, and shine down over a beautiful green world. It would, if the t-storms just showed up.. but no.. instead we get a permanent grey cloud, looming ominously. If you think that's a metaphor well you're likely right. It sounds like one, but it's an imperfect one. When my personal t-storm finally shows up, it will lead, not to a new era of sunshine and butterflies but more likely the continuation of greyness, drizzle.. and possibly more and greater t-storms. Still.. at least I'd know something, which right now, not knowing anything, I think is preferable.

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