Friday, May 17, 2013

And we're off..

Going on another adventure. Off to Krakow for the weekend. Just a short trip, for a short time but, it's something fun, something different. I've been there before but.. I don't remember seeing much somehow.. or rather I got hardly any photos of anything, you know like.. the town, buildings, people. I shall do that this time, as anyone who knows anything at all about me knows. Also my first time staying with someone neither I nor my fellow traveler have met before, it's my first "surfing" experience, so to speak. Should be fun, quite interesting.. had so many people here by now that it will be strange to be on the other side o the.. um, couch. Everything else for now.. my worries, the stuff I need to learn and know by Tuesday.. oh yeah, got a test on Tuesday, for something I like.. really need to do.. well all of that for now is, just that. It's Friday, I'm outta here and.. that's it really. Til Monday. At least.

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