Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now, you're doing this on purpose right?

My regular readers, both of you, will know that I'm an actress. You will also know that I've never done anything more impressive than a student film... and that's ok. You also maybe know that the films I do are few and far between.. well for my liking they are, and that I'm pretty chuffed to be in these films, whenever I can be.

You may also know that I've pretty much got nothing going on most of the time, and I'm always available to act, whether it's weekend, weekday, day, night, christmas...

well.. that's most of the time. You might also know starting Thursday and this weekend, I will be busy entertaining a guest, someone who I am required, and very much want to spend every minute with. So I'm not at all available during that time, making this weekend and exception to that rule, in fact, pretty much the only time in the ENTIRE YEAR that I won't be available to film.

So, I get a call from a guy who's a student at the PCFE film school. He wants me to act in his film. And when do you think he's filming the thing?

Yeah.. that's right.

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Ronald said...

A dilemma for sure. But if you like this fella as much as you say, then do the right thing by him - stock up on DVDs, beer, and get a game console. That should keep him happy till you get back from filming. Seriously, I think you ought to make the guy your first priority. Then, if it works out with him but your career doesn't take off, you've always got the, "If it wasn't for you I could have been a successufl actress" excuse. Priceless.