Monday, February 18, 2008

*Gets head out of clouds*

I had a lovely couple of days. I went travelling on a train, I went around nice places in Prague, dined in lovely restaurants and cozy pubs. I lounged around home luxuriously with someone who I like lounging luxuriously with and we relaxed and did.. stuff. And I took lots of photos.

Now he's gone.. no lounging luxuriously, no trudging up hills to get a great view, no rides on trains, just the same old shit that I've been pushing to the back of my head all this time. I might have to think about it soon.. I don't really have anything to keep my mind off it. Reality will kick in very soon and I'm not going to have my friend, the one I love to lounge luxuriously with, to soften the blow.

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Ronald said...

You have the memories though. And there will be other times I'm sure. And have you thought, it's being back in the 'grind' that allows you to appreciate the good times...

Like this really helps? Duh!