Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow. Those things are actual.. things!

I got my new glasses today. It's been 10 days I've been stumbling around without them. I should have gotten them sooner but it usually takes me about a week and then about a day to finally really think about maybe going somewhere and possibly doing something about something, so I went to the optics shop yesterday, picked out my frames and picked them up today.

It is amazing. A whole new world opened up for me.. it's like.. all those wobbly things that are out there.. that move and change and interact with other wobbly things.. they're actual things!

I mean, things like people and cars, and buildings.. dogs and windows and road signs.. those sorts of things. Tables and speakers and fridges.. appliances, coffee mugs, cd cases, computer screens...

words.. letters. It all makes sense now.

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El Cuervo said...

I should follow the example, my right eye is perfect, but my left eye is kind of messed up, I guess sooner or later I should get some glasses, not looking forward to it!