Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beware the coming days..

Well I'm living with hot water again now.. and yes there's a funny little anecdote to be told there..

So, on Wed evening after my last rant, not having heard from anyone about this problem I got drunk. More drunk than I have been typically getting in recent months and I woke up with quite a headache, not quite a hangover yet, but the headache was there. So this fixit dude decides to call me just then. I answered it, he told me he was in the area and he could come and fix it now.. I stuttered out semi intelligebly that yes, he could come now, in about 5 minutes or whenever.

So in 5 minutes or whenever he was at the door, I had to go down and let him in, he set up all his crap in the hall and I went and sat in my living room as the hangover caught up with me, and the headache worsened. I sat there with my head resting on all the stuff I'd hurriedly thrown in that room from the hallway when the guy showed up.

He took FUCKING AGES! Like an hour and something. I felt like puking, but the bathroom is right by the hall where he was taking fucking ages to fix the water heater, and I didn't really feel comfortable with that. Bloody awful I tell you!

So anyway eventually it got done and I got to puke and do everything else I needed to, and could curl back up in bed to recover some more, now with heat, and running hot water.

Wow, glasses and hot water. It all seems too.. I mean.. I've even got a washing machine that sorta works though it leaves all my washing soaked. And I went to class last night and it didn't suck terribly.. things are just going too smoothly, I mean, apart from the chaotic business, the boozer I share the thing with who drives me crazy constantly, the card thingy for the camera that fucked up that I haven't replaced, the buttons that keep falling off my coats, not having any lovers that live in the same country as me, everything is just swell.

It's kind of frightening. There's definitely doom on the horizon. And no, I'm not negative, I'm just a realist.

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