Monday, November 19, 2007

Does everything have to turn into a bloody saga round here!

I'm still without a working heater in my home. I've mentioned it before, quite a while ago as it's been kind of long by now.

I think it's been about 2 weeks, give or take.. it started when it got cold, rather early for this time of year so I started heating. It went back to being warmer, and then colder again a few times so I turned it on and off more than once. The last time I turned it on I had it on during the day because I had stuff hanging up to dry, and when I got home it seemed unusually cold, and I noticed that the fuse had a spark but it wasn't alight. I checked the heater and it wasn't on at all.. so I turned the thing off.

The next day I hoped it would miraculously come back, but it didn't, but I didn't do anything about it for a day or 2, then I decided I really wanted the heating on so I fiddled around with it a bit, trying all the different combinations, turning the water on, seeing if it would make the flame come back. It didn't, and it still wouldn't do it when I returned it to the normal setting I use when I'm not heating.. meaning the hot water wasn't even coming on. Again I left it, hoping it would work again when I tried it the next day. It didn't.

This is a really interesting story.. I know...

So, it was a few days before the rent was due, so I didn't really want to contact the landlord yet so he wouldn't come in and say "oh why don't you just give me the rent money now, seeing as I'm here".. because I didn't have it. Luckily I had somewhere I can shower.. so it was possible to live without it for a few extra days.

On rent day, he came, I paid and I told him about the problem. It was a Friday so nothing could be done again til Monday, and I could have called him and told him about it earlier so the dude could have come in and fixed it.. but due to being locked out most of the day (another saga that I won't get into right now) I had other things on my mind.. but he told me to remind him about it Monday, and he'd get it sorted out.

On Monday.. which I believe is last Monday now, he sent me a message telling me he'd get hold of the fixit dude and he'd call me. If he didn't call then I was to call him on ..fixitdude's number...

The dude didn't call, so of course I put off calling him another few days for no reason except for that is the way I do things. When I called him he asked me first what type of water heater it was, something I don't usually take note of, and not being home I didn't know, I told him I'd go home and look and call him back. I didn't go home until the evening.. but the next day.. I believe this was Friday.. I called. I was standing in front of the water heater, prepared.

He asked me what type it was, I told him the brand name, the one that was written on the thing.. and for some reason that wasn't sufficient, he asked me some other questions which I didn't understand. He kept repeating something about type, or brand, which I'd already given him the answer to, so I don't know why it wasn't good enough. I explained the best I could what the problem was with it, no heat, no hot water, the fuse doesn't light up.. and that wasn't good enough either. Why he couldn't just bring his fat ass over with the tools he uses for every single machine he fixes no matter what the problem is, look at the fucking thing, and fucking fix it was beyond me.. but I didn't say this.. He kept repeating the same questions, (the ones I'd answered) and we got nowhere. Finally he suggested I look at it properly and text him about it later. Seeing as I'd already answered the questions I could understand this was completely useless to me.

So I called the landlord, explaining the problem. Seeing as he'd been there, looked at it, and described it exactly the same say as I'd told the dickhead on the phone, I figured he could sort it out for me. He said he'd call the guy as soon as he could.

I didn't here from either the rest of the day. Being a Friday, again, I thought maybe I would here again from one of them after the weekend. Today is after the weekend and I've still heard nothing. I sent an sms to the landlord reminding him of it.. and I'm yet to here any reply.

I'm not sure whether the landlord completely forgot to call the guy, or if he called the dickhead and the dickhead just ignored it or forgot it, or what. All I can hope is that one calls the other soon, the other one contacts me and we set an appointment for sometime this week.. most likely later in the week.

And of course it's fucking freezing. I mean, it's not so much now, but in general it is. Yes, I have somewhere else to shower but it's a pain in the ass to have to go somewhere else.. and it's cold in the flat.. I don't even want to get up in the morning. Well I don't want to get up in the morning anyway.. but that's not the point...

The point is that everything is fucked. Fucking fucked!


Anonymous said...

Press-ups are good. So is running on the spot. And frenzied masturbation too. Not necessarily in that order. But I guess what you really want to do is get your heater fixed and get warm. Sorry, can't help you.

Mr Angry said...

Don't feel bad, you're not alone. I'm useless at doing practical things to get stuff fixed. It always take me forever to get it together.