Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So much for that then

I thought I was back in the habit of blogging properly for a minute there but it seems like I'm still as lazy, preoccupied or whatever the fuck else it is I am to do it. Oh well.

Life has been uneventful but frustrating at the same time. Absolutely nothing going on except that bits and pieces of my life are falling to pieces. Little things.. like.. well it's not such a little thing.. my hot water heater deciding not to work.. first just the heaters weren't coming on.. which was mildly annoying because it is getting very cold, and a bit more annoying because coupled with the fact that my washing machine doesn't work properly and gives me the clothes soaking wet at the end of the wash it's too cold in the flat to dry the stuff. Then the hot water wouldn't work either.. and because it's coming up to rent time, and I want to push for paying it a day or 2 late, I didn't want to call the landlord to have someone fix it, because he might say.. oh I might as well pick up the rent while I'm there.. so it's been like that for days.. I do have somewhere to wash.. but not really properly and my clothes all need to be washed.. and my flat is a mess because the clothes are all over the place.. and I can't wash dishes properly.

I have one winter jacket that I've had for years.. it's too small for me and the buttons are all falling off.. it's inadequate enough usually but particularly this winter.. which is particularly cold.. considering it's not even winter yet and I'm calling it winter.. and I really need something better. Or at least something with buttons on it.

Then I lost my glasses. I wasn't even drunk. I went to meet someone to read through his play with him with some other people and by the time I got there I didn't have them. I thought I'd left them at home but when I came back they were nowhere. I searched and searched and searched.. and nothing. I must have dropped them somewhere on the way to this dude's place. I'm an idiot.

Oh and of course there are the usual problems.. whining people.. money!.. or lack of it.. the fucking class that I really have to fucking go to tonight because I haven't been fucking going to at all.. and it's fucking dark, and fucking freezing.. I think I mentioned that.. and all I want to do is.. well.. I'm not telling but I just don't want to do anything else.

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