Friday, July 06, 2007

I need a good slapping..

And not just because I haven't written anything in so long..

My it's been a long time since I've posted anything! And even longer since I've posted anything of substance. How dreadful!

I can't say conclusively why I haven't been writing, I've just fallen out of the habit. I don't get the desire to jot down events of my life, or write 3000 words about nothing, I don't see articles on the internet that I want to make fun of, and I haven't been lying awake at night writing a whole post in my head full of brilliant witticisms ready to be recorded the next day*.

Life has been going on as usual. I'm still doing the acting class, sometimes it's terrible, sometimes it's wonderful, sometimes the people in the class piss me off. The other night wasn't so good. I had an unsatisfying class after which I had a displeasing discussion on the metro with a co student. And after that I went to the bar downstairs from here (there's a new bar opened downstairs from here by the way) got drunk, and then came up and hung out with the inhabitant** and some friends of his, drinking vodka and listening to loud music until I dropped the bottle and cut my foot on the glass, and tracked blood all through the flat.

The cut isn't so bad, it's pretty much healed by now, so don't fret my dears.

On Wednesday I had an ok class, and a fun ride home on the metro with some class members. I was on my way home when the inhabitant called and said he'd forgotten his keys earlier so I went to the same bar downstairs to meet him. As I was there I had a drink. And another, some other people joined us and I stayed until I was drunk.

Yesterday I was felt crappy all day, and missed a rehearsal I was supposed to have with a class member. Rehearsal being what we call practice, which we're supposed to do at least twice a week and which I haven't done for about 3 weeks. And I missed it because I was hungover, because for a second time this week I had to stay out all night and get drunk. This is what I'm referring to when I say I need to be slapped.

Apart from that not much has been happening.

*Until last night, when I composed this very post in my head.
**My business partner and friend, who lives in this place, the office and home of my beloved computer.

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Don said...

Sounds to me like you've been infected with a severe case of 'having a life'; it's the bane of all bloggers. The only cure is to stop in and resist all urges to integrate with real people. You'll soon find yourself back into the routine of living in a fantasy world and meeting fantasy people.

If you want a good slapping I can give you a virtual walloping...

thwack!.... thwack!... thwack!... had enough yet?