Monday, July 09, 2007

Send me a lightbulb, please!

It's here again. Class tonight in just over 2 hours and I need an activity! I go through this pretty much every Monday and Wednesday, and either come up with something acceptable at the last minute, something crappy at the last minute. Or nothing at all. So far I have nothing.

I'm still not very good at coming up with these though I've had some that weren't too bad. The last one I did was making a message in a bottle, requesting a meeting with a fancied man and it went pretty well, before that I was sewing up a rip in my jeans before my boyfriend came home, which didn't go so well. I've also done making animals out of plastic bottles, picking up coins with chopsticks for a bet, and measuring myself, which were the better ones, others were sorting out receipts, writing a text message, making carrot flowers and painting my nails, the crappy ones. Now I've used up my backlog of ideas to be used in case of emergency and I have none left. Actually I have one left, but I don't want to use it, because it sucks.

Of course, I did an activity last time so I might be called upon to do a door, where I must come for something. I don't have one of them either. Well, I have 2 ideas but they both suck. My doors have all been quite ordinary. Last time I came for a monitor, which was bad, before that I came for a whip to do a self portrait, which I came up with on the way there, and actually think is my best one. Before that I came for tripod, before that a gold chain.. I've also come for a phone charger, money, and I've forgotten all the others. They were all bad.

So I need to think of something pretty soon. Pray for me.


Don said...

I prayed for you... a double-strengther. That's the one where you screw your eyes up real tight and tense your body all over to show The Man just how hard you're doing it. I kept it up till I got a headache. Any results your end?

Michelle said...

Went quite well thank you got something at the last minute. I was wondering where that came from.

Kittie said...

Yes Don...who did you pray TO? (you might be in debt in an unsavory way, Michelle...)