Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's just too much..

You're all quite lucky out there, that due to my recent laziness in regard to blogging you've been spared all the griping I've had about the weather. Nothing but rain! Ever since it's been officially summer I don't think there was a single day it wasn't overcast with at least some rain.

Until this past weekend. I woke up one morning and I saw the sun shining, so I ran outside, without stopping to get dressed.. singing. Ok I didn't, but it was sunny. I was quite happy, thinking it would be finally a nice pleasant day to go walking, taking photographs, and I could wear my summery clothes.

So I went outside, happy until I realised it had gone straight from gloomy and overcast to too fucking hot, without a pause in between! I mean baking hot, swelteringly hot.. and a stale, unpleasant heat that you get when you're in a central European city, nowhere near the sea. It drained me.. made me feel like I was going to collapse. It was unfeasable to stay outside at all.

And so you get to hear me complain about how hot it is instead of the rain. Lucky that! For though I'm still as lazy as I ever was, and perhaps more so.. I have got nothing at all else to say.


deanbcurtis said...

I see your Prague weather, and raise you...Rhode Island weather.

Sib said...

Ahhh.. the weather...

Without it, what would the majority of the world have to talk about?

and... I feel your pain... lol

A Simple Girl said...

Oh weather the bane of all people! Today it was 90 but the humidity was insane. The dew point was 68! UGH!

Mr Angry said...

I hate it when it gets too hot straight after rain. That usually means appalling humidity too. We're having our first real(ish) winter in Melbourne for about 8 years. It's actually cold. And raining (thankfully). Maybe me won't run out of water this summer.