Tuesday, November 08, 2016

I shouldn't count my chickens..

but I am, a little bit. So, my acting "career" has pretty much dried up before I even started it, and I haven't done anything, I mean not a damn thing, not a minute in some friend's practice scene or a bit of improvised street theatre or a goofy cabaret act in some bar or a 42 second long self made self acted self shot film or a voiceover for a teaching video or a fuzzy blip in the background of an ad for flannel rags or a non speaking background role in an indescribable piece of theatre with over 50 cast members or a wife in a student film... nothing. I was in despair that I wouldn't act in a single thing this year, and that was vexing, very very vexing. Oh I got offers. Like, 2, both for the mother and the wife respectively. I don't mean a character with a story that does stuff who happens to be a wife or a mother, or even "a" wife or "a" mother, it was for "the" mother/wife. Both very small roles and both cast as about my age. Why would someone cast me as someone my own age!!! I look younger.. I swear I do, everyone tells me I do... I do I do I do!!!! anyway.. both of them were for like, the next week and obviously days I was working at my ob which I've quit but still have because I work almost every day of the week at this job and the likelihood of them happening to be shooting on my day off was small. I mean, I'd like to be in a position where I'd calmly turn down a tiny non speaking role of the mother of the person who is the person who has a story in the film and be confident that I've moved on from that sort of thing and can do better but.. as I said, done nothing for ages, so I would have accepted them, except, finding someone to cover you for a tour that hardly anyone at the company does.. not easy. So, no go. Anyway now I'm in one, next week. It's for a mother but it seems like it's more "a" mother than "the" mother, age unspecified, and they contacted me in enough time to request those days off, so I'm in it. So.. that's it, if nothing else happens between now and December 31, I've at least been in one this year. Of course, haven't done it yet so perhaps I'll have to return those chickens yet. Will let know.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought you were jobless and destitue. Have I misunderstood something?

Some of the hottest women on this planet are mothers, so don't despair.

Michelle said...

um, yeah, I don't tend to explain myself very well. Ok, so I have a job but I've already quit but I'm finishing up my contract and still have a few more weeks. I'd rather be not doing it already, but at least there's a tiny trickle of money coming in. I also have coming up a role in a student film, which was for this mother role I was speaking of but just changed to a beast with a lion's head. It sounds quite fun. And I'm still planning on sitting down and figuring out more substantially what I'm going to do in the future but I haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

Erm... so you're not quite jobless or destitute just yet? :)