Tuesday, November 22, 2016


So I managed to do one thing this year. Among all the others of course but none of that matters, the thing that matters is I was in a movie. You don't see me, really, and barely hear my voice, but I was in it. At least one, and now I can look forward to the next year and hope there are more and dammit there better be a fucking load more!!! Anyway, done, chickens hatched and counted, recovering (slowly) from a flu (grrr) that's put me out of commission and unable to go to work (yay, sorta) for a few days. This is me as I appear in the film. guess who


lekkerman said...

Well, playing a cow is a start. I'm sure there will be "udder" opportunities!

Michelle said...


I'm hoping for many more moovies myself


lekkerman said...