Sunday, August 16, 2015


It's been hot here. You might have experienced something similar to what I have been experiencing if you live anywhere relatively near me, if we're talking a world wide scale. Fucking hot. Oh, and it's the week I've had to work more than usual, you know, work, which for me means walking around outside taking groups which range from kinda small to huge to places which rarely have shade and are not often very near drinkable water to tell them in an informative and entertaining way facts about those places and the buildings and monuments in them along with history and stories related to them. Two of those a day, in fact. Now it's cooled down. I am happy about that.


lekkerman said...

We've had a few hot days here but none to warrant the prefix - fucking!

I would imagine having to play "hostess" to large groups of people is very empowering, and excellent preparation too, for future acting work? I doubt I could do it, I think the gaze of so many people would render me mute.

Michelle said...

well, it's one of those things that seems really scary and then you do it and.. well, sometimes still scary but it's doable. I still worry sometimes when huge numbers of people start showing up but then I start and it seems to go ok. Oh it cooled down by the way. Now it's raining. And raining, and raining.. *starts grumbling about the rain*