Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dammit weather gods!

You know how when it's really really hot like 35 degrees plus every single day or whatever equivalent it takes for you to start whining and I mean constantly about how hot it is and you just at that particular time when there's a heat wave you are required to go out in it for long periods every day, like way more than you usually do in more temperate weather and it starts weakening you, literally making you weaker, and dumber so that you forget um.. words and stuff, and it keeps seeming like it's going to storm any minute and you just can't wait and the forecast says it's going to rain and get cooler but it doesn't, it just doesn't, repeatedly and there you are just out in it getting sun burnt and sun struck and then finally, it storms. And then it keeps raining and at first you're out in it and you're like oh this is wonderful, so refreshing I love this, I don't understand why I ever complained about the rain, ad then it keeps raining, and raining, and continues to rain. And then you're over it. Well I'm over it now.


lekkerman said...

It's a sunny day here today, not overly hot, yet my mood changes not one iota. I'm bored, maybe depressed - how do you tell? At least if it rained all day I'd have an excuse for not doing anything, but at the back of my mind a small voice informs me that sunny days - especially those of moderate temperature - are meant for "doing something". But I don't feel like doing anything. And so there is a measure of guilt involved. I'm bored and laden with guilt. Summer? It's a bummer!

I wish I was by the sea.

Michelle said...

yeah, the sea would be nice, of course, it would probably rain all the time I was there. Or something. I need to go to work, I just don't want to. I'd rather be bored.