Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm still here.

If by "here" you mean merely existing, being something that is here, and is technically alive. More than that, I can't promise. I do exist, but the existence is nothing special. I am a person, but I'm not a particularly er, persony one. I'm not doing anything. I literally spend all of my time doing a job that is increasingly annoying to me and any preparations for doing said job, and distracting my self with various cheap, indeed free thanks to our modern multimedia world, entertainments. And shopping for basic stuff, and that's it. And sleeping. Occasionally drinking beer, usually home because I rarely ever go to bars to waste time anymore. I'm not all that sure I exist sometimes. I mean, why would I bother, really?


Anonymous said...

I'm here too. Nor do I frequent bars in the manner I used to.Similarly, I find some aspects of the current multi-media entertaining, but not wholly fulfilling. Currently, I find myself passing time watching world athletics on the tv, and of an evening, watching movies, with perhaps a dash of online chatting before retiring to bed. It's an existence.

You have my address, so if you want to waste a bit of time talking drivel (an area in which I excel) by all means get in touch. No strings. No demands.

Michelle said...

yeah, I guess there are a lot of us, whoever "us" are. Good to know, in a way.