Sunday, January 11, 2015

Well, that was fun.

I had an alright time in Vienna. Didn't do anything I planned to do although I never planned anything. Did some unexpected things, which can be expected due to the lack of any expectation. Otherwise, it was quite fun, had a few mini adventures, met some interesting and/or odd people.. not too many, but some. It does seem like a long time ago already, and everything that happened, everything that was said, all the laughs.. just don't mean the same thing anymore. Shit is like that. Yes this year is well underway and I'm not sure I like that.


Anonymous said...

Holiday are like that. They're meaningful when you're "in them", but almost immediately on the moment of arriving back home, it's business as usual, and the usual shit takes over. Do you remember that period? That one people tend to make such a fuss over, you know... oh yes, Christmas! What the fuck happened to that?

Michelle said...

I don't know. Yeah it's long enough since then, and since the trip, and since I wrote this and.. well I don't have anything more to say about bit because I just don't. *grumbles and stuff*