Sunday, January 25, 2015

Every day is like Sunday.

And Sundays suck. They're slow, dull, always grey, sometimes rain. You're all alone and hardly anyone's about, you know those people who update blogs, comment on stuff and joke around online, the people who are the only people left, because you'r all alone, they're just not there. Out doing stuff in this "real world" I keep hearing about, I guess. And having the day off work doesn't matter because I don't work anyway. Today is Sunday, today's like that. I'm here, it's dreary and I'm all alone. Typical Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. Most people don't like Mondays. It's the beginning of a long work week, and most people work. At least I think most people do, decent people, people who are worth something do. I don't really have that relationship with Mondays, though I always felt the difference, having someone who is a decent person and goes back to work then. It was weekend over for everyone here so I guess I got a little bit of it. Not sure if I feel that anymore. I don't like them though, they're just like Sundays, just a whole lot of pointless pointlessness, being alone and it's all grey, all day. And if it isn't it might as well be. Did I happen to mention things kind of suck?


Anonymous said...

I forgot to check out your blog later in the day, otherwise I'd have engaged in some kind of chat (albeit via the comment section) thus refuting the assertion that you're all alone! Anyway, does knowing I was here in spirit help?

For what it's worth (and promise not to laugh) you can always drop me a line. I'm always up for a dose of mindless chatter with my long-standing online "friend".

Michelle said...

thanks.. I know I'm being rather morose at the moment, and not really saying why, but.. yeah, thanks. Yesterday got worse then it got slightly better and then, well, I'm where I was just more unable to ignore the reality, which sucks. I was kind of happily going along being in denial, at least partly.. oh to go back to at least those sunny days :/

Anonymous said...

I try not to be one of those persons who for want of anything better to say, says, "I'm sure it will work out for the best", or worse, "Everything happens for a reason!", and the very very worst, "Don't feel like that!". What?

I know what it's like when life inflicts on us a heavy does of suckiness. There's no cure, and we all take it in different ways. You can curl up and remain silent, distract yourself by talking bollocks to those willing to listen, or marginally lift your spirits by dismembering the "Don't feel bad!" twats! There's umpteen ways I guess.

I'll hug ya if you want, but I understand that doesn't suit everyone.

Michelle said...

Thanks again, virtual hugs are good ;).

I think the best way and by best way I mean the way for me that I'm somewhat able to work with is to blissfully ignore it as much as I can, which isn't too much, but at least keep the reality in the back of my mind while getting along as usual, at the same time getting on with things.. until things happen and go straight to getting by with whatever new distractions I'm able to distract myself with, and hopefully some of the same old ones which quite frankly I like and am loathe to give up. It's all about the distractions really, it always has been just now I'm realizing how important they are.

Anonymous said...


I can expect more posts then? Keep 'em coming, I'll keep commenting.

Give me a shout if you need distracting :)

Michelle said...

yes, I'm hoping to write more, knowing that someone is reading and responding helps, though the old.. what to write about is still a problem, I've never been a fan of the "me and what's happening with me and how I feel about me" sort of writing on blogs, ie, the only kind of writing I ever do, but now I'm more self absorbed than ever and can't get out of my head.. the whole not wanting to reveal details makes it all the more.. whatever it is.. in any case, I intend to write more. For now at least.

Anonymous said...

I wont pry, but I'm willing to pay for details :) Just kidding.

Seriously, if you want to talk but don't want it plastered all over the Net, then you have my email address.