Saturday, March 01, 2014

Yes, I am here.

This blog does exist, after all. What is no one talking about that anymore? Ok, that all happened like, weeks ago but it's still the first thing one sees at the top of this blog, or, well, was until I wrote (am writing) this, so I thought I should mention it. So I'm here. It's March, another month has ended and I had precious little to put on the blog, funny how not much ends up on here when I don't set myself arbitrary goals. Just didn't have much to write about, and when I had something to say I just couldn't think of any particularly witty ways of putting figurative pen to metaphorical paper, and when I did come up with the doozies, the quips, the drollity etc, I just couldn't be bothered to write it down. Yeah stuff has happened, not a lot of stuff, I am me after all but there's been stuff. Didn't get at least 2 jobs, got a haircut, had 2 meetings with people about acting and film related things, went skating, some other stuff. Some of it may have been worth writing about but I didn't mention it at the time for either reasons 2 or 3, and some of it is just reason 1. Most of it is reason 1. I may flesh some of it out sometime, or not. It is possible that there may be yet other things to mention, we shall yet see.

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