Monday, March 03, 2014

A sporty one.

I'm not into sports, never have been, not engaging in or being a supporter of, really. Actually hated it at school, that is, the competitive team sport crap they make you do, being utterly shit at it all I had to deal with the mockery of my team mates and that's not fun at any time. I liked it when we did the what most kids (that is, most kids who didn't feel the same way as me about sports which I've seen realized is fewer than I thought) thought of as boring shit. It was boring shit, like you know, basic gymnastic stuff or exercises. No score keeping, no team to try to get as far away as possible from, just, boring, which it was but, better than the other stuff.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere really. It's just been a sporty year for me so far. Not by the standards of a sporty person, or a non not sporty person, or even a regular person (you know, one who does stuff, achieves things and all that)but I've been skating twice. Twice! And it's only March. That is the one thing I was ever good at, sporting wise, unless you count dancing which I'm sorta good at, if you don't count like, gymnastic and balletic stuff, but I liked it, went often and became good. Then I didn't do it for 10 years, and then another 15 or more. I went once for 10 minutes in the center of Prague before they closed the thing down, and finally, earlier this year I got to go skating properly. Took me a long time to get used to it again, but once I did, I reckon I was probably nearly as good as I used to be. The more recent time, at the Olympic Park they set up for the duration of the win ols (I just made that up, I'd use it but it's another 4 years before there's another one of those so) I was shaky at first, again, but it only took about 10 minutes before I was skating away.. well, before I was skating without feeling wobbly. The setup was strange, chaotic, fun, but not ideal for long stretches of skating.

Oh and I went to a hockey game yesterday. An actual stadium with sports, ice hockey I mean, in case you weren't sure, not the one they play on sand or whatever. It was interesting, not the first time I've ever seen a proper game like this, that was in Israel my last visit where our hosts were going to a basketball game so we went along. That was something very new to me so perhaps this game wasn't as much of a novelty, though quite different, but still. It was ok, quite fun, I mean, I did enjoy the lion mascot and the er.. break time, half time.. whatever you call it in a game that has 3 periods entertainment more, but still, quite liked it.
I'm not about to make a habit of going to games, or doing anything other than skating really (and dancing but that's not really under the umbrella of sports properly) and I'm certainly not going to join the beach volleyball group or engage in any bullshit fucking full of assholes team sport any time soon or ever.. but, it's slightly more than I've done.. well ever.*

 *Except for when I used to go skating all the time and was really good, and I was at school at the time so I did sports of some sort at least twice a week during school terms whether I liked it or not, and I didn't but I had to do it anyway.

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