Friday, March 14, 2014

Signing up.

I keep signing up for these things, these sites that are helpful in various ways, for finding work, learning website design, screenwriting, what's on in your city well not the last one but others and other stuff like those things and yeah, I skimmed over the site and thought oh I'll read that more carefully later or fill in my profile or find out what they actually mean by data entry or something like that and I give them my email and say yes to updates and offers and.. I forget about it, don't really look at the site again for reasons, either it's slightly difficult to fill in the details or the articles are like, 4 pages long and I can't be bothered right now but maybe I'll read it later but later I'm doing something else as well and anyway I've forgotten about it..

there really needs to be a page break here.. anyway, I never get around to doing the more in depth study of whatever it is, and only think about it again when I get the emails, with a new article or new positions in  my area or something of that nature, so I say.. oh yeah, that site, I should look at that properly, but I shouldn't do it now I do it later.. well, you can see where this is going. Let's just say, that cable never gets fixed.

The number of notifications seems to be growing, which makes mathematical sense if I semi regularly sign up for these things and only when I'm absolutely spammed to hell with shit from one do I go through the bother of cancelling, so there are more of them, and it's getting to the point where it just pisses me off. Every time I sign into my email there is something, but it's not an answer to an email I sent, or something from a friend, it's one of these damn impersonal links to shit I'm never going to look at, which only serves to remind me that I haven't done a fucking thing of any of the things I at some point half assedly decided I would do. This isn't a good feeling.

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