Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'm doing it again.

That is, not doing it again. Doing it not again. Doing not it again.

Actually I'm not doing anything really, and that, is what I'm doing again. I'm saving new bookmarks, seeing new lightbulbs ie new ideas for things I could do revisiting old ideas for long enough to think I should look into that later on when I'm home and sometimes sending myself a reminder on the phone, but that's about it. All these new things and things that I began and things I thought of but never actually got around to beginning, are not progressing as I would like them to be.

I'm actually currently in the process of editing a video that was shot 6 months ago, that should have been done 2-4 months ago, and am still rather shamefully in the beginning stages of that. Well technically currently I'm writing a blog post, so perhaps I'm avoiding that. How's that for a way to make myself do things, use it as a way to procrastinate other things. Yes, I think that is the entire reason for this post, this one that's about not getting things done. It's fitting.

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