Friday, May 25, 2012

Out of town we go!

It's been ages since I've left the official parameters of this city. It might just be the last time I went somewhere.. which was Paris last year..

*tries to think if I've so much as been just outside Prague*

no... don't think so.. anyway, it's 6 months now, so it's about time.

This one is the good old fashioned, very typical Czech weekend at the cottage, or "chalupa" as we call it. Yes, I have one. I mean I don't but people I'm related to have, did I mention I have relatives in this country.. well I do, I just never visit them except for when my mother visits.. did I mention she's visiting? Yeah well she's not bothering to stop by Prague or anything.. why would she do that.. just having a daughter living here and everything, but she's gone straight to our relatives place in České Budějovice. And this weekend we're all going to their little house in a village just outside of there..

so, time again for us to walk around gawking at the chickens and geese and frogs and acting like kids who've never left the city in their life, to the amusement of everyone else. Should be nice. Plans to be overcast and a bit rainy, of course, but we'll make do.

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moshmangus said...

I wish you a very nice time at the chalupa, sounds nice to be able to get to the country side.

PS: Is chata stands for cottage as well as chalupa?