Sunday, May 20, 2012

And finally.. we have.. *cough*

..something resembling late spring. So a lovely day fell on a Saturday after yet another whole week of overcast and downright cold weather, but.. I seem to, at some point in the week, perhaps while out going on tours on windy cool days, or a night out where I failed to dress like it's fucking winter.. have not so much come down with something as I have a really fucking sore throat which is not only painful and annoying but it keep some from sleeping.

So the perfect idyllic weekend will have to wait. Of course weekends are not just for lolling about, when you're trying to develop a new and vibrant multimedia (ok it's pretty much one media) project.. with people who have like.. jobs, you need to work on the weekend. And we did, yesterday was pretty productive and I'm proud of us and also glad we have a fair bit of footage because it's going to be yet another 2 weeks before we can all meet again and do this properly due to family engagements.. this time it's my fault.. my mother is coming here again, of all things, not to Prague of course, she couldn't be bothered to do that, but I'm required to go and visit her and the rels at the old ancestral home, so I'll be gone next weekend.. and then one of our crew are off on another trip somewhere..

Oh well.. we've got tons of stuff to edit and knowing us none of that will get done before then. I swear oe day there will be something to show for this... just can't say when.


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