Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Gloom.

I should be grumpy, really, the weather is, well.. constant rain, I have a sore throat which probably means the next few days I'll be going through the whole set of cold related symptoms, there's not so much food in the house despite me doing a big shop last night, which I was able to do because I stupidly went early for my tour.. got the schedule wrong, and had 2 hours to hang about, probably contributing to the way I feel today, though it was actually relatively warm, and not raining at all.. and I didn't end up having a tour anyway.. *breathes*

well anyway.. it's not so bad. I just like the excuse to be totally lazy. Got a few nights off due to a few schedule changes.. which I need at the mo, going out in the freezing cold and probably wet night will not help me recover quicker, not really worth the showing up and not getting a tour fee, which I would undoubtedly be earning...

so yeah.. very lazy day, I can watch it rain outside in the knowledge that I don't need to go out there...

except to run out for a few foodstuffs.. might need to do that in a bit..

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