Friday, October 21, 2011

All on my lonesome..

Apart from the kitty of course. Ok,so I'm not all alone. Wen you've got someone constantly bothering you for food, you can't feel too alone.

So.. a certain member of the household, obvs not me, or the kitty, has gone to London for the weekend.. yeah, I know, right after a weekend in Paris, some people get all the breaks, anyway, the result is I'm here alone.

It;s been uneventful, so far. I mean, I made some soup, I've cleaned a bit, wasted time the various ways I usually do, oh and I spilled water on the keyboard which made it work kinda funny, with all sorta of extra characters on some keys.. not this one, I swapped it over for the other keyboard, which I don't really like, the shift key doesn't seem to work very well.. anyway, hopefully that one will work properly when it dries out.. much check on that..

what was I saying.. oh yeah..

I've done this before, for much longer periods so I can handle it. and I'm pretty busy anyway. Ok so I'm not, the night of the theatre and night of work have been changed to 2 night in a row of me being here alone, with the internet, and my videos and books and the kitty.. due to me still nursing a cold and it being damn cold out there.

Is it sad that this is my idea of bliss?

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