Thursday, December 18, 2008

The song says "white", not "damp, grey and drizzly"

For the past couple of days our local forecast has been mostly "rain and snow". As it often is with forecasts, it hasn't been exactly accurate. It's been half accurate, and you guess which half is the correct one. Yes, it's been quite right about the "rain" part.

I know that to most normal people, the forecast itself is cause for grumbling.. normal people don't like cold, and aren't particularly fond of snow, but I, despite living in places that get quite to very cold in winter, for over 10 years, I still retain the romantic, childish fascination with snow that I had growing up in a place that just doesn't get any. I look forward to the snow.

And it just rains. Actually it did snow a few weeks ago. It was quite early, so I thought that this year would be a big snow one, but since then there hasn't been any, though some was promised.

Of course, it's still only mid December, and Christmas isn't for another week so there's still hope. I'm just extra anxious about it this year, because after the early snowfall I kind of promised my boyfriend, who is as giddy about the snow as I.. even though he's from Canada.. though he's from the freaky part that just gets rain... and now he's waiting wistfully for another snowfall.. I don't want to fail him, you understand.

The rest of today's and overnight forecast is for rain/snow and then snow.. so perhaps we might get some finally, though actually it's neither snowing or raining currently and it might just be wrong.. but I still hope.. oh how I look forward to the freezing cold day when I get up at the crack of dawn to go to some obscure part of the city to take photographs at dawn in the pure whiteness that no one will ever look at..

please let it snow!

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