Saturday, December 27, 2008

One last thing before we get this out of the way..

So that was christmas. We went out for dinner, had people over for dinner, rearranged the furniture, frazzled the cat, drank a fair bit and opened presents. It was green. Not green in the sci-fi-view through night vision goggles sense, or in the environmentally conscious sense, though due to the relative modesty of the occasion, it was probably inadvertently so. No, it was green in the "not white" sense. The sky was grey, the streets were grey, the buildings were pale yellow, white, or grey.. so it was green.

It was supposed to snow, the internet said so. Early on it was supposed to snow on xmas eve, and all through the first half of xmas day, but by xmas eve it wasn't snowing and the online forecasts were predicting it would snow at 5am xmas morning, and keep up until the afternoon. Very convenient it seemed, but I still kept open the possibility of waking up to a pure white christmas morning. But, at 5am there was no snow, and a few hours later when I got up there was still no snow, and it continued not snowing all through the day.

It snowed in Vancouver though. That's where the bf is from, and apparently it never snows there, so make of it what you will.


Erikland said...

Hmmm, well NOW it's been snowing here for a few days.....take that, VanCity!

Word verification: extrica. hmm, I like that one :)

Michelle said...

hehe.. yes, we finally got out beautiful winter wonderland whiteness... there's something for the Jan blahs..