Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A modest christmas

Like many out there affected by the economic downturn it's going to be a modest christmas for me and mine this year. Hey.. I'm like other people.. I'm part of an international trend.. what do you think of that.. I'm almost normal!

Well, not really. It's always modest for me, and this year's necessity for simplicity has little to do with the rest of the world.. I mean, yeah, there's not much money.. but it's mostly because of.. yeah, it's cos of money. That and there's no turkey to be found and my people are pretty disorganized and haven't so far gotten our shit together.

So this year it's going to be chicken, some salad.. beer at our place with our tree with puppy purses and slithery snake.. not even any tinsel. But it's ok, because we'll be together.. *tears well up in eyes* and there will be booze. Actually that makes my tears well up more than the together bit :)

Anyway.. I'm sitting here at my "office" 7:55pm on the night before christmas eve, wishing I could go home but er.. doing something.. let's just say it's due to not being able to buy something.. and I'm doing something which I can't do at home because.. well because, and I should have started much earlier because I'm crap at sewing and stuff and I know it so I should have anticipated this.. that's all I'm saying.


Erikland said...

Hey, modesty is the essence of beauty, and beauty is the essence of simplicity. Or something. I'm paraphrasing, ah hell, it was fun :)

Michelle said...

You are quite right sir, and very clever :)