Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I feel gunky

Not terribly gunky, but in time I will feel more so. It is for what I can accurately call the usual reason. No hot water. Yeah, it seems to happen every year or *insert number of months just under a year* or at least once every place I live. I've been in the current place for oh.. at least 6 weeks so I suppose it's time I had a bit of an issue with the old water heater.

Oh I love that I keep getting to have these little adventures that strengthen my character. I really do. And of course.. a good grumble is about the best topic for a post I can come up with these days.. and everything's been so perfect late...

actually it hasn't but going on about money problems, personal problems, being stuck going nowhere, being ignored by the film/acting world and deleting a whole bunch of fantastic kitties off my memory card can only be done so many times. Or not at all.

Anyway I have to call some guy that the management group that work for the owners of my building gave me to get him to come over and sort it out, so I'll talk to him, explain the whole situation who I am and all that.. and he'll ask a bunch of questions I can't answer, then I'll probably have to call the owners, they won't answer or they won't know what I'm talking about so I'll have to call the real estate people who'll probably call them and maybe then they'll call me to tell me to call the fixit guy again, and when I finally get through he'll probably ask me a bunch of questions again, and then I'll explain it all again and he'll call the owners, then they'll call me back and tell me to call him. I'll call him again and he'll tell me he'll call me back about when he can come and fix it. He won't call back so I'll call again tomorrow and he'll say he'll figure out his schedule and call back, maybe he'll call back or maybe I'll have to call again but finally he'll make an appointment for a few days after that particular conversation, excluding the weekend of course and maybe I'll be able to have a shower about a week and a half from now.

Or something like that.


Ronald said...

I know what you mean by 'gunky'. I also know why this is so. It's because we've been accumstomed to bathing every day...

If you stop doing this, then the gunky feeling becomes the norm, and you don't feel uncomfortable.

I know this cuz I'm male and used to be a teenager. All male teens stink, which is part of the reason they're vilified by the rest of society, except of course, for their counterparts of the opposite sex.

Adolescent girls have an underdeveloped sense of smell, which doesn't mature till they're around 16 years of age or more. Then they wonder what the fuck they saw in the spotty crap-hole.

Moaning is the rock upon which all good blogs are built. Keep up the good work.

Michelle said...

Fair enough..

strangely enough after all that I called him and made an appointment for him to come this morning, and he came pretty much on time too, fixed it and went. Had shower. End of trauma. Funny how things work out sometimes.