Saturday, April 29, 2017

Writing home

Again, I've got nothing to write home about, but nevertheless..

I've written quite a lot this month, relative to how much I have in the last months, years, this whole decade? Still not a lot, but more than usual. Way back in my early days of blogging I used to write much more. It was mostly drivel, actually exactly the sort of stuff I write not, just more, and oftener. I did write a few pieces which I was proud of, and whenever I look back on years ago I remember it as a golden age where I had ideas all the time and a variety of subjects I would share with the world. I would lament the lack of any inspiration, wondering how I ever managed to be so prolific, and not half bad at that.

Back in the day, I used to get ideas late at night, I'd latch onto something and in my head I'd write a whole post, complete with witty lines and clever jokes. The next day, I'd put off writing it down because it seemed like so much pressure, and finally I'd get it done, sure that I'd forgotten all the best details and it never seemed as good as I thought it was the night before, but still, a pretty decent piece of writing.

Then I stopped writing so much, and this didn't happen again for like, years. I thought the magic was gone. I was no longer a (sort of, in the broadest sense, if you're extremely generous on what constitutes one) writer.

Well the other night, inf act around easter just before my good Friday post it happened again. The result is here, or at least partly here, I came up with that in my head, as well as another bit that I half intended to write later, but never got around to. Whether it's all that good is up to the reader, and if it's not worth writing down well that could be due to the missing bit and the fact that all the best details weren't in it because I forget them by the time I wrote them down but the point is it happened! After, possibly 10 years, at least once I had this idea at night, words, sentences, phrases all there. It's not gone, not completely. And if it happened once it might again.

I just need to write more. Writing puts me in the mood for more writing and coming up with things to write about gives me more ideas of things to write about, and if I do it a lot, it gets the brain in that mode. In order to be able to write, I need to write. So here I write, and I will continue to write, and write more, and then some more.

If I could only figure out exactly what to write about.


lekkerman said...

I know what you mean about needing to write more. In my case it helps allay my anxieties, so I see it as therapeutic. But alas, if only it were as simple as just throwing words onto the screen. As with all disciplines that we know are good for us (such as eating healthy diets, exercising, boozing in moderation, and regular meditation) it's damn difficult to apply. Life is a cruel mistress.

Michelle said...

This is very true. And now that I've added, or re-added relatively regular writing to the things I must to, I just must, it's an extra anxiety for me. I've got to do this video every day, 3 different photo projects I need to keep up every day as well as take regular photos of different subjects, exercise, learn French, and Czech as well which should be my first priority, practice guitar, some dance moves, work on the voice and oh the movie and web show project.. and get outside on a regular basis at least when the weather is nice, oh and earn money, quite important that. So 8 out of 10 things I hardly do at all let alone every day and at least 5 of them are stuff I'm not doing at all, but they're still on the list. Soon I'll have an actual job or jobs so even less of this will be getting done but I'll have an excuse.

I realize I didn't answer your question at all, sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent.

lekkerman said...

I learned a little bit more about you. That's good. Maybe you're a little OCD, perhaps?

Michelle said...

I could be. Anyway good to see you, missed you for a bit there. I like our comment box converations ;)

lekkerman said...

I have phases where I feel that communication is just too difficult, and missing your last post was a brief example. Thankfully, I'm past it now. You can always tell when things are a bit rocky with me, I appear on Facebook! Since I don't know how long (many years) my FB account has been inactive far longer than it's been active. Another deactivation is imminent!

It's nice to be missed by you, so thanks :)

Regarding "the Voice"... you have it down to a fine Art, so ease off the work! :-)