Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Modest Thought

Earlier today, as I posed before an art class, in all my fabulous glory, looking past the young artists swishing their paint across their canvas through the window at the spring blossoms and spires of the magnificent St Vitus Cathedral at the Castle, here in Prague , Czech republic, or Czechia if you prefer, I thought to myself, along with the thought "ooh it's a wee bit nippy in here" that I may well be literally the most Bohemian person in existence.

I don't imagine there's any money in that, unfortunately.


lekkerman said...

Isn't the eternal conundrum for the bohemian personality to make money but without compromising the lifestyle too much? You're in the best company, and like so many of them, maybe you'll be "recognised" after your death? Would give your life some sort of meaning, don't you think? Just a thought.

You pose nude? Yay! An opportunity for me to indulge in some much beloved aliteration. You ready for this (it's the best I can do)...

You could have titled this post - The Bollock naked Bohemian!


Michelle said...

Hmmm.. yeah. Sure. Well not that interested in recognition after I am in any situation to reap the benefits, honestly. I'm not all that pure about my "bohemian" status. Every now and then I look at my life and all the (again pretty modest, especially by worldwide standards) deprivation and think, huh, we really are the archetypal starving artists, and from a distance, this situation might look kind of novel worthy. The thing is up close it's just annoying, and boring, and really not anything to write home about, or write about at all.. though as you know, that has never stopped me.

Michelle said...

Cool title, I could have used that, if I'd thought of it, and if there were a synonym for "nude" a word sort of along the lines of "starkers" that started with a "b" that would make it even better, and more alliteratey. *goes to consult thesaurus*

well maybe later, but 'tis a good one. I'll just leave it here so everyone or rather the potentially one other person who ever sees this conversation can see how clever you are.

lekkerman said...

I'm always aware of the human tendency to assume "the grass grows greener on the other side of the hill", so I don't for one moment believe your existence is some kind of artistic idyll, but I do try to see something positive in it, though occasionally I have my tongue in my cheek. My interest is less about your existence and more to do with my admiration for your documenting it, relentlessly almost, for many years. That takes what might be called "artistic balls", and indeed, without balls, an artist isn't an artist. And for the record, I know without being told, you've cried many more times than you've admitted in a post.

I like to think of our exchanges as creative endeavours, albeit of little interest to others.

Breasts, Buttocks, and Bohemians!