Monday, September 14, 2015

A leaf falls..

a darkness falls over the earth (ok in this particular time zone and hemisphere anyway, but just bear with me) and the cold bites like, something with teeth, sharp enough to bite. Yes, it's Autumn. In the northern hemisphere anyway at least in those areas that have seasons and where autumn begins about as early as this. The year is showing a wrinkle on it's brow and starting to think about it's latter days. Seriously any minute now the xmas shit is going to show up, won't be long. So it's already September, the late part of this year anno domino or however you say it 2000 and fifteen and again what the hell have I done all year? A fair bit, in some ways. A lot has changed and I've moved my life pretty far I'm not sure if I'd call it forward but to another place. I haven't done much of what I want to do, and what I've wanted to do for years, yet again, but I have done, um, stuff. Some stuff, not great stuff but some. But I talk too soon. It's only September. I still have all of autumn to crunch on the leaves that will be falling abundantly any minute now, and to walk around in the beautiful orange of autumn, and snap a bunch of shots some of which won't be all that bad, like I always do. And do more stuff. I can still do something this year and not just the somethings that I've done that is quite different to the years past, at least the recent ones, but the stuff I never do, or seldom do or don't do in enough quality and quantity. I can still do it. Most importantly, there is still time, I mean it's pushing it a bit but there's still time for the hoverboards to show up.


Anonymous said...

It's autumn alright! It's cool, approaching cold, and it insists on pissing down with rain intermittently.

I'm sure "stuff" will happen for you, that's a given. It's the same for everyone, and though it's a bit general to be overly meaningful, you can say it's an inviolable law of the Universe that "stuff will happen" (for most of us, "stuff" can be replaced with, "shit").

I think I've stopped striving. All aims I've had in the past are staying in the past. I finally realised this very recently when, after a keen 7 days or so practising guitar, I stopped. Now it's been 5 days since I picked it up, and I don't feel guilty. I don't feel anything. I just realise I'm never going to be the sort of person that can make "practising something" an integral part of his lifestyle. I'm too fucking lazy. I like doing nothing in particular far too much.

What I like about maturity (if I dare call it that) is finally realising it's okay to just go with the flow, like a cork bobbing about in the ocean. Looking to the future too much never did me any good, so fuck it. I know I'm going to die someday, but that's about all I want to know. Now is as good as it ever gets ** gazes into space, all mystic like **

[ this space was to be me signing off with something truly profound, but I have nothing else to say ]

Michelle said...

dude that's deep...

I'd say more but my keyboard is all fucked up, the entire left line of the qwerty whatsit is stuck, or something, whenever i type an a i get an s and vice versa, as well as others but you've got those 2 letters fucked up well.. you're fucked enough..

took 5 minutes just to edit that, plus 30 ezxtra seconds to edit this line, i'm expecting