Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It could be worse.

It really could be. It could be thousands of times worse, millions even supposing it's possible to calculate it somehow. Let's just say it could be really really really worse. Almost everyone in the history of the world has had it sumfkins of times worse than I do. I just made up that word, sumpfkins, it means a number that could or could not be larger than.. well, let's just say, a lot. Anyway, point is, relatively speaking compared to people who have it particularly bad, and actually most people in the world who are quite poor and have it hard compared to anyone sitting in a flat on their computer on the internet and certainly most people throughout history (see earlier point about sumpfkins) I don't have it all that bad. Yeah, stuff sucks, and there are people who have it tons better than me, even sumpfkins, but really, my life. A piece of piss really. It doesn't really help all that much though. All it means is that this makes me a big fucking whiner who can't take a little difficulty compared to all those strong, hard working, brave people out there, and also, that it could be a whole lot fucking worse. And the stuff that sucks still sucks. It really really really sucks. Ok it really really sucks, maybe just really, but it definitely sucks.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a great believer in the, "I really shouldn't complain, because there are a lot of people out there who have it infinitely worse", argument. While this state of affairs is almost always true, for almost everyone, it never helps. How can it? The best it can do is to stop you from expressing your woes, but they'll still be there, eating you away from inside. So I find stoicism the most pointless and self-destructive philosophy, serving only to make it's practitioners more miserable than they would have been if they'd allowed themselves to squeal when they felt the pain. That's what I do, anyway.

Michelle said...

Yes, I think that's another way of saying it. I mean, even the person who has or had it worst ever in the world, whoever that could be, had someone who had it worse, at some point in time anyway. I mean, everyone who ever complained about anything was alive at the time, weren't they? And really, those who say that, and grumble about you whining all the time? Biggest whiners there are, usually. I think they complain about people whining because it cuts into their moaning time, actually.

So, good to know I can continue to moan, whinge, complain, whine, bellyache etc here, as long as I like.