Sunday, July 05, 2015

So I guess it's summer then..

There are places to live that work with summer, or rather, quite hot to really hot weather, or at least are more suited to the weather that is described by most to be "too hot"... this is not one of them. Having no sea, and fewer swimming options than many city/countries/areas and a not short (at least when it's 30+ degrees) walk to the nearest cool-ish area, let alone place where one can get in water, is more than typically unsuited to this sort of weather ie the weather we are experiencing now. oh and.. tour guiding.. in this weather? Not exactly a whole lot of fun. *fans self and stuff*


Anonymous said...

I'm fully tuned-in to what you're saying about hot weather. It can be so indiscriminate when it isn't satisfied with sticking to the coast which we can consider appropriate. No, it has to poke its nose into the cities too, and worse, it has no respect for persons stuck inside, working.

Michelle said...

very true, it's cooled down warmed up and cooled down again and now it's raining, or rained and threatening to rain again and get hot again since then, but it's all true