Monday, February 09, 2015

I'm a good girl..

a miracle must happen. Truly, I am. I mean, I'm not necessarily a bad girl, not in the good way anyway. I have good qualities, I have, for instance, all the correct opinions on everything. I tend to fail on the living one's belief's part, as I'm somewhat selfish, and quite lazy, but wanting everything to be happy and rosy counts for something, surely. And sure, I have flaws, tons of them, but they're more the being rather pathetic and useless kinds rather than mean and evil kinds, so I'm at least good-ish. Sorta. Well, a miracle would be nice all the same. At least some good luck. Ok I'll take a decent opportunity that doesn't take too much courage or in fact effort to take advantage of. Ok, a short run of no further bullshit, at least not the really bad stuff. Deal?


Anonymous said...

You ever heard anyone say, "If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!". I think that might be relevant in your case, you think?

I was thinking of taking up witchcraft to try and make my life better. If I do, I'll include you in one of the "good luck" spells!

Michelle said...

oh please do... I'm thinking again that I might be doomed.. I dunno, the calculations are very tight, and the future is coming up very quickly.. I have to see again in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at the facts: an intelligent, articulate, quirky and good-looking girl. What are the chances of you ending up as a nutty "bag lady" roaming the streets and alleyways of Prague? :)